Description: 'Use CAISET in FSX and FS9'

These FSX Gliders are optimized for FSX with Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Download links for FS9 (CAISet version) and FSX (CAISet or B21 version) you find at the bottom of this page ...

Gliders with JET engine

Schleicher ASW 20 CL-J as self-sustainer

Version 'Heimkehrhilfe' and 'Eigenstarter'

2 texture variants: D-KBJE and PH-737

Bild ASW20CL-J_D-KBJE Bild ASW20CL-J_PH-737 Panel ASW20CL-J Triebwerk PSR

The zip file contains 2 jet versions, 'Heimkehrhilfe' and 'Eigenstarter'.
'Heimkehrhilfe': climb rate 1 m/s at 130 km/h, 0 m/s at 160 km/h
'Eigenstarter' : climb rate 4 m/s at 130 km/h, 0 m/s at 265 km/h

Thanks to Britta Pulz who provided me with the panel picture !

Glide ratio 1:46.5 at 105 km/h

Schleicher ASW 22 BL-J as self-sustainer

Version 'Eigenstarter'

Bild ASW22-J Panel ASW22-J Triebwerk PSR

The ASW 22 BL is a Open Class High Performance Glider, which has been further developed from the ASW 22. The ASH 25 wing with its larger span and greater strength has been combined with the upgraded fuselage of the ASW 22.
First flight was in 1991

Glide ratio 1:62 at 110 km/h

Schleicher ASK21-J as self-sustainer

Version 'Eigenstarter'

Bild ASK21-J Panel ASK21-front Panel ASK21-rear Triebwerk PSR

The ASK 21 was built since 1979 with over 650 pieces and is standard as a glider for the training today. The aircraft is robustly, flies himself easily and is suitable for aerobatics.
The JET version is only available in panel version 'B21'.

Glide ratio 1:33.5 at 90 km/h

Blanik L-13 TJ as self-sustainer

Version 'Eigenstarter'

Bild L13-TJ Panel L13-TJ Triebwerk TJ100A

The L-13-TJ is an experimental motor glider fitted out with a jet engine TJ100A with take-off thrust 1,30 kN from PBS (První brnenská strojírna Velká Bíteš). It was used as a single-seat motor glider.

For download choose 'Vers.CaiSet FSX' !

Glide ratio 1:28 at 86 km/h

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Download list FSX version CaiSet Download list FSX version 'B21'

L-NAV-Vario Vario 302