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Gliders 1950 - 1966

Scheibe Mü  - 13E 'Bergfalke I'

Bild Mü13E Panel Mü13E

The 'Bergfalke I' was one of the first 2 seat gliders for performance after 1945. It began 1951 its first flight. After about 170 pieces were built, it was replaced 1953 by the 'Bergfalke II'.

Glide ratio 1:28 at 80 km/h

Scheibe  'Bergfalke II'

Bild Bergfalke III Panel Bergfalke III

The Bergfalke II , a two seat glider for training, first flight 1953. About 300 pieces were built. This Bergfalke (in German: mountain falcon) is a further development of the prototype Mue-13 E. The wings are a little moved back and forward sweeped to make a better view possible from the back cockpit.

Panel hinten

Glide ratio 1:28 at 80 km/h

Scheibe  'Bergfalke III'

Bild Bergfalke III Panel Bergfalke III

The Bergfalke III , a two seat glider for training, first flight 1963. About 500 pieces were built. This Bergfalke is flying in Boberg near Hamburg. Thanks to Nico Müller, he gave me the possibility of making pictures.

Glide ratio 28:1 at 85 km/h

Scheibe  'Bergfalke III Cabrio' (open cockpit)

Bild Bergfalke III Panel Bergfalke III

The Bergfalke III above, open cockpit version.

Scheibe  L-Spatz-55

Bild L-Spatz Panel L-Spatz

Of the L-Sparrow-55 were approximately 500 airplanes produced. First flight in 1954. This glider is one of the last of the 'Sparrow Family' and was a very popular performance glider at that time.
In France this glider was produced under the name 'Falconnet'

Airplane pictures by Thomas Häcker. Speed polar diagram by Benvenutas Ivanauskas.
Thanks both for it!

Glide ratio 1:29 at 75 km/h

Schempp-Hirth Doppelraab V

Bild Doppelraab Panel Doppelraab

The Doppelraab V glider was a 2 seat glider for training from the 50's with only one control stick, which the teacher of the higher rear seat could achieve. 220 airplanes were built.
On this glider (D 8809) I made my first solo flight.

Glide ratio 1:20 at 55 km/h

Schempp-Hirth Lo-100 'Zwergreiher'

Bild LO-100 Panel LO-100

The Lo 100 was between 1952 and 1972 the only glider certified for unrestricted aerobatics. About 50 airplanes were built. For the support of aerobatics and also as landing aid flaps served.

Glide ratio 1:25 at 85 km/h

Schempp-Hirth Lo-150 'Burgreiher'

Bild LO-150 Panel LO-150

The Lo-150 is a Lo-100 with 15m wing span.

Glide ratio 1:34 at 105 km/h

Schleicher Ka 4 'Rhoenlerche'

Bild Ka4 Panel Ka4

The Ka 4 - or also because of its modest flight performance referred as ' Rhoen-Stone ' - made their first flight in 1954. The 2 seat glider has good-natured flight characteristics and simple handling in the training.

Glide ratio 1:19 at 65 km/h

Schleicher Ka 2b 'Rhoensegler'

Bild Ka2b Ka2b Panel Panel hinten

The K 2b is the predecessor of the K 7 and has a fuselage in wood construction. It was used in many clubs both for the training and for the service flight. Today in Germany are still about 30 to 40 pieces of this type certified.

Glide ratio 1:27 at 87 km/h

Schleicher K7 'Rhoenadler'

Bild K7 Panel K7

The K 7 is an advancement of the K 2b, a K 2b with steel tube fuselage. Wings, elevators and rudders were taken over. It served for the training and service flight briefing. Beginning from 1957 to 1966 approx. 510 pieces were built. In 1977 the Rhoen-Adler was replaced by the ASK 13 glider.

Glide ratio 1:26 at 80 km/h

Schleicher ASK 13

Bild ASK 13 ASK13 Panel Panel hinten

The ASK 13 is a trainer with good flight performances. First flight was in 1966, about 690 pieces were built. The ASK 13 is the successor of the Ka 7 whose wings and tail units were taken. The ASK 13 has now a nose wheel, too.
Thanks to Jacob Thomsen, he sent me a picture from the rear panel

Glide ratio 1:27 at 85 km/h

Schleicher K 8

Bild K8 Panel K8

The K 8 was probably with 1180 copies the most frequently built glider between 1958 and 1976. On it at that time many flight beginners gained its first experiences in the solo flight .

Glide ratio 1:27 at 75 km/h

Schleicher Ka 6 CR 'Rhoensegler'

Bild Ka6 Panel Ka6

The Ka 6 CR was the predecessor of Ka 6 E. First flight was in 1959. 850 pieces were built. Picture documents of the panel are from Thomas Häcker, thank you for it!

Glide ratio 1:29 at 80 km/h

Schleicher Ka 6 E 'Rhoensegler'

Bild Ka6 Panel Ka6

The Ka 6 E was the successor of Ka 6 CR with a slimmer fuselage, improved wing profile and pendulum elevator. First flight was 1965. 394 pieces were built. The original of this aircraft is flying in Weissenburg/ Fränkische Alb. All picture documents of Ka 6 E are from Thomas Häcker.

Glide ratio 1:33 at 85 km/h

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