Using my gliders in Prepar 3Dv4 (64 bit)

May/June 2017

P3D v4 (64 bit)

CaiSet instruments and yawstrings aren't shown in P3D V4 (64 bit).
Also vario sounds, spoiler sounds, click sounds and special wind sounds in my gliders cannot be heard.

Whether these problems can be solved by updates of certain addons in future - we must wait ...

July 2017:

Doug Dawson made a new 64-bit based sound gauge

Now it's possible to hear all special sounds also in P3Dv4! All my gliders are changed now and ready for download by clicking at 'Downloads for P3Dv4(64bit)'.
The new versions for P3Dv4 are n o t suited for FSX or P3Dv3. For these simulators you have to click on 'Downloads for FSX&P3Dv3' as usual.

The vario sound:

I have formed these sounds that you don't hear the sound at sink rates. Who also would like to hear the sinking notes, can do the following:

In the sound folder of the glider there is a file named 'Sound.cfg' in this the sound parameters are typed in under the categories of [VARIOMETER] and [VARIOMETER.1]. We replace these by the corresponding parameters from the Sound.cfg of the DG-808S (FSX).

Unfortunately the loudness of the vario sound cannot be regulated but only turned on and off with the right lower button:

302 vario

Into gliders which don't have this instrument I'll set a separate little switch:

302 vario