Last Modifications and News:

February 2022Update ASW22BL_B21 and ASW22BL-J_B21: Panel update
February 2022Update LS-4 a and LS-4 WL: Panel-and model update
February 2022Update LS-7 WL and LS8-18: Panel-and canopy update
June 2022Update K7: Panel Update
July 2022Update ASW 15 B: Panel- and texture update
July 2022Update ASK 21: Cockpit in Resolution 1920x1080 Pixels and original wind sound of the ASK 21
July 2022New Eta-Glider
August 2022Update Eta-Glider: Climbrate corrected to 2.6 m/sec
December 2022Update Eta-Glider: Variometer now wth standard-,TE- and netto needle
December 2022Update K7: TE-Variometer and airspeedmeter
January 2023Update ASW 20 B and ASW 20 BL: Panel- and Flightdynamics
January 2023Update ASW 20 CL-J and ASW19 B: Panel update
February 2023Update Grob G103 Twin Astir Trainer and Grob G103 Twin II Acro: Panel-Update
March 2023Update SF 25C D-KOGA and SF 25C PH1271: Panel-Update
March 2023New SF 25C G-KIAB
May 2023New For FS9 users: Old FS9 gliders integrated again
January 2024Bug Wrong download link for gliders part4