Modifications and news of the last 12 months:

July 2016Update Motorgliders SF25C-...: power, speeds and RPM's adapted to the originals
September 2016Update Motorgliders SF25C-...: Sound configuration and some instruments. Some bugs fixed
February 2017Update ASW20 CL-Jet: New model PH-737 + Gauges update
February 2017Update Motorlerche D-KIRW: model- and panel update
February 2017New Motorlerche OK-FUO-15: new model with higher motor power. Suited as tow plane
April 2017Update Blanik L-13 : trim lever animation and minor bugs
April 2017New Blanik L-23 (Super Blanik) 16 and 18 m span
April 2017Update Blanik L-23 (Super Blanik)/16 and /18: New spoiler lever, cockpit update
April 2017New Blanik L-23 (Super Blanik) 16 and 18 m span
April 2017New Blanik L-23 : New model 'CIVIL AIR PATROL' with one-piece canopy and instruments in U.S. units
April 2017Update Super Blaniks: found more other bugs. Fixed.
April 2017Update SF 28 A Tandemfalke : Flight dynamics, instruments, 2 new texture versions
May 2017New Grob G103 Twin II Acro
June 2017Update Standard Libelle in B21: Panel Update
June 2017Notes Possible problems in P3D v4 (64bit) see 'Gliders in P3D'!
June 2017Update Gliders with panel version 'B21': now GPS and MAP you can switch on or off by Avionics switch
June 2017Notes Vario-Sound Problem in P3D v4 (64bit) see 'Gliders in P3D'! B21 Gliders updated
June 2017Update New organized download lists
June 2017Update Ka6 E+CR, ASK23: Panel Version B21
August 2017New All my gliders are now available for P3Dv4(64bit).
These gliders are n o t suited for FSX or P3Dv3! except the SG-38 Schulgleiter for P3Dv4. This version is suitable also for FSX and P3Dv3.
September 2017New DFS Habicht 6m Turbo, an imagination project
September 2017Update DFS Habicht 6m Turbo, panel update + a 2nd version with spoilers to make landings possible with running jet engine