Use Max Roodveldt's CAISET and YAWSTRING Gauges in FSX and FS9

Many of my gliders are fitted out with Caiset instruments, a combination of flight computer (L NAV), compensated variometer and GPS unit.
The Caiset instruments and also the yawstring work without problems in FSX SP2, tested in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. For the right function of these instruments some files have to copy into some folders in a certain order - a detailed installation description is enclosed in every glider package. These files are:

'gps-nav.dat' and
2 polar list files

Furthermore an entry has to write into the FS9.cfg or FSX.cfg.

All glider packages with Caiset instruments contain a folder with these files. If this shouldn't be the case, the files can be downloaded also separately. But it is recommended to take the polar list files from the glider package because these files content the speed polars and other flight data which are dependent on the gliders.
Download Files   (50 KB)

The gauges 'mr-fs9-caiset.gau' and 'mr-yawstring.gau' for Caiset, VET and yawstring are embedded in the glider packages.
The file 'FSUIPC4.dll', also required, isn't contained in this ZIP file. Please download and install FSUIPC4 Vers. 4.929 or higher or FSUIPC.dll Vers.3.99 for FS9 from Peter Dowson's website
You need only the freeware versions of these addons at

Thanks again to Max Roodveldt for his excellent work !

Checklist at installation problems in FSX or FS9:


Or Checklist download here