Instruments by Ian Forster-Lewis in FSX

June 2011

Ian Forster Lewis (Pseudonym 'B21') has brought out 2011 a number of new instruments for FSX gliders and already installed into the gliders LS8 18 and ASH 25. In the meantime I have modified some of his textures and fitted out further gliders with these instruments
A gratitude again to Ian for his excellent work!

A short information about his new instruments see below.

'B21'-Panel versions

Panel ASW15B
Panel ASW 15 B
Panel ASH25
Panel ASH 25
Panel DG202-17
Panel DG 202-17
Panel DG600-17
Panel DG 600-17
Panel LS-4
Panel LS-4 a + WL
Panel LS8-18
Panel LS-7 + LS8-18
Panel Duo Discus X
Panel Duo Discus + Duo Discus X
Panel Discus
Panel Discus CS + 2b
Panel ASK 21
Panel ASK 21+ ASK 23
Panel ASW20 B + BL
Panel ASW 20 B + BL
Panel Libelle
Panel Libelle
Panel ASW 17
Panel ASW 17
Panel ASW19
Panel ASW 19 B
Panel IS29 D2
Panel IS-29 D2
Panel ASW27B
VC-Panel ASW 27 B + ASG 29
Panel ASW22 BL
Panel ASW 22 BL-J
B21 Quick Info

Or click here for download as PDF document