New: Object Library Part 3 (20 gliders for FSX - some are new)

Segler Teil 3

You can place these static glider objects using 'Instant Scenery' or similiar programs into your scenery area. These gliders are of a little higher detail precision as the older objects (part 1 and 2) however, you can use them only in FSX.

(20 FSX gliders)
ASG-29, ASH-25, ASK 21, ASK 23, ASW15, ASW17, ASW19, ASW20, ASW22, ASW27, DG-202, DG-600, DG-800S,Discus 2b, Discus CS, Duo Discus, Libelle, LS4a, LS7, LS8-18
Download Object Library Part 3 (11 MB)

Version 1a, March 2016


The older versionen: Object Libraries Part 1 and 2

Glider Objects for RWY12 Object Placer

Tested in FS2004 and FSX
To use these files you must have Rwy12 Object Placer already installed (available at from which you can select objects and place them in FS while being in slew mode.

Thanks to Falko Dienstbach, he helped me to correct the failures of these objects in FSX

Glider Object Library Part 1

Api Bild
( 14 gliders + 4 motor gliders )
ASK13, ASK21, ASW15, DG-101, Discus CS, Doppelraab, DuoDiscus, Ka2b, Ka4, Ka7, Ka8,
LS8-18, Mue13E, SF 25C D-KOBN, SF 25C D-KOGA, SF 25C PH-1271, SF 28A, SGS2-33a
Download Object Library Part 1 (5.4 MB)

Version 2, February 2007

Glider Object Library Part 2

Api Bild
( 21 gliders )
ASH25, Baby IIb, Bergfalke III, Blanik-L13, Bocian, Discus 2b, Goevier, Habicht, Ka6, Kranich II, L-Spatz-55,
Libelle, L-Spatz, LS-7, Lo-100, Minimoa, Mucha Standard, Mue 13D, WA-21, WA-30, Weihe
Download Object Library Part 2 (5.25 MB)

Version 2, February 2007

All these files are freeware and  n o t   permitted for commercial use !